Remote Support

Remote support enables us to fix most of your software problems without the need to visit you. Providing you have a working Internet connection, it is often much quicker & cheaper to assist you remotely.  The remote software, Splashtop, can be downloaded from the Links page on our website.  

Malware & Spyware Removal

Is Your Computer Infected?

Viruses on your computer if left unresolved can seriously damage your machine. This causes loss of data and also can result in a serious security issues allowing access to personal information.  At LDP Solutions we can remove virus and malware threats  and recommend and install antivirus software to stop future attacks.  Protecting your network from malware, ramsomeware and intruders is very important to us.  We can offer solutions that will protect your network from unwanted attacks so you can continue business without any downtime and interruption.   Call us today for a consultation to determine your protection options.

PC Repair Service

PC not running as well as it should?  We are specialists in repairing PC’s and laptops.   Do you need an upgrade?  More memory or just need a tune up? We are the people for the job. We will have your machine running like new in no time!

Data Backup & Recovery

Lost Your Data?  Losing data is very distressing but at LDP Solutions we can help! We offer a Data Back up and Recovery service so you will never lose your saved files again!   We offer local backup solutions to file servers, NAS drives and external hard drives.    Additionally we provide managed online backup services so your important data is always monitored to ensure 100% data recovery when required.

Scheduled Visits

The services provided cover a wide range of software and support facilities including training, data back-up and security, upgrading of current computer systems, new IT applications etc. For customers who have opted for one of our monthly maintenance options, our technicians are always available to offer solutions to your IT problems. Technicians may for instance be scheduled to visit the client site on say the first Monday of every month during which time any IT issues can be both discussed and rectified.


LDP Solutions is well equipped to help you with the design, planning, implementation and ongoing support of your Windows networks.   We can install and troubleshoot a wide range of network products such as wireless AP’s, routers, bridges, firewalls, switches and Servers.

Home Automation

There are so many technologies available for your home or business that can make life easier and more efficient.   LDP can help you integrate a wide range of automation products from lighting, entertainment systems, security surveillance, heating and cooling and much more.   

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